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responsive websites

Appeal to your audience with a visually designed responsive website. You may need a new website for your new business venture or just want to upgrade your old website. Whatever the case may be Squiggle can create a beautiful website that fits in perfectly with your current business branding. Let us take care of your web design requirements, so you can focus on what’s important to you – your business.

A visually impacting website design is important to your website’s success, research shows that more people will trust a website that looks visually appealing with no security that one that looks terrible and actually has security. A great website design creates trust with your potential customers.

Why choose Squiggle for your new responsive website?

  1. We create visually appealing website designs that are clear and can easily be navigated by your potential customers to ensure a great user experience
  2. your company branding is carried through your new website, including colours, logo, graphics and images.
  3. A ‘Call to action’ is a strategic component on websites today, to improve sales or keep your potential customer on your site longer.
  4. Responsive website design to reach your potential customers on any device.