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How much is your new logo design or re-design really worth?
Ask McDonalds, Coke, Nike, BigW or any other companies that rely on their logo as their number one spokesman. Not every company or business is as large as these but every business should have a logo that is easy to identify and is recognisable as the face of their business.
Your new logo design or re-design is valuable to your business, it will be used for years and placed on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, websites, vehicles, buildings and general marketing products.
So, I ask you again… how much is your logo really worth?
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Promote your business the right way?
Your business card or stationery item is usually the first visual your prospective client has into your business other than the impression you make yourself.
Make that first visual impression count with a great design!


Need an advertisement or your current one upgraded?
Have you ever looked at an advertisement and thought ‘what is this ad selling?’ or ‘ ‘I know what the ad is selling, but what business is selling it?’. There are many ads out there just like that, but, with over 25 years experience Squiggle can help get your ad right. Whether the advertisement is for yellow pages, a glossy magazine, a newspaper or the local school newsletter, call Squiggle and get the job done right.


Is your support material working for your business?
Support material can be a number of things, some businesses require a brochure, booklet or flyer, other businesses or organisations require T-shirts, hats, coasters or packaging to promote their product.
What ever marketing material is needed for your business, Squiggle can help achieve the best result.


Go BIG, but make it work for your business!
Regardless of the product or business you are selling, when creating an A4 poster, A3 poster, banner, large format poster or outdoor signage of any kind, the message must be clear.
As a general rule people are walking or driving past your advertising quickly, if you don’t have a clear eye catching message its most likely that you just lost a sale or customer.


Need printing?
Squiggle uses only Australian based printers specialising in all kinds of print processes and solutions, we can print anything from brochures, business cards and newsletters right through to packaging, large format signage or your promotional products.
If you are unsure what you are after we can advise you on the best stock and finish for your project and provide you with the best available price.